Battlefield 2 – BF2HUB Unranked Game Server Hosting

Your own BF2 Unranked server, from AUD $23.40/mo

  • 10 minute setup
  • Low latency servers
  • DDoS protection
  • Admin dashboard

Everything needed in a Battlefield 2 – BF2HUB Unranked server

Easy-to-use, customisable servers

Engage the enemy with our BF2 Unranked server hosting — low latency, DDoS protection, and easy modding for endless gameplay.

Punkbuster Anti-Cheat

Power through the competition knowing you are safe and secure from cheaters and hackers

Get FTP access

Take full control of your Battlefield 2 server with FTP access on our platform

Maximize gameplay

Get the most out of the battle with up to 64 player slots for immersive non-stop action

Insanely fast
dedicated servers

Custom-built for high tickrate gameplay

Low latency network

Your game traffic will be served via the OneQode network — built specifically for gaming.

Superfast CPUs

You’ll get smooth, immersive experiences thanks to our high clockrate CPUs.

DDoS protection

Stay online, protected from downtime with always-on, no config DDoS protection.

Easy to manage

Straightforward game panel, fast setup

Simple game panel

You’ll get full server control and easy FTP access

PayPal or Stripe

A choice of payment methods, with more coming soon

15 minute setup

Get online and in-game in 15 minutes or less

Launch your Battlefield 2 – BF2HUB Unranked server today.