Quake III Arena Game Server Hosting

Your own Q3A server, from AUD $12.50/mo

  • 10 minute setup
  • Low latency servers
  • DDoS protection
  • Admin dashboard

Everything you need in a Quake III Arena server

Easy-to-use, customisable servers

Dominate the arena with our Q3A server hosting — fast, customizable, and reliable. Reliable hosting with endless modding opportunities.

Mod support

Take control of your Q3A game server by easily adding any mods you like to your server via FTP

RA3, CPMA, OSP mods

Seamless integration with Rocket Arena 3, CPMA and OSP for endless competitive gameplay

Custom maps

Built-in custom maps give you hours of hours of intense competition

Insanely fast
dedicated servers

Custom-built for high tickrate gameplay

Low latency network

Your game traffic will be served via the OneQode network — built specifically for gaming.

Superfast CPUs

You’ll get smooth, immersive experiences thanks to our high clockrate CPUs.

DDoS protection

Stay online, protected from downtime with always-on, no config DDoS protection.

Easy to manage

Straightforward game panel, fast setup

Simple game panel

You’ll get full server control and easy FTP access

PayPal or Stripe

A choice of payment methods, with more coming soon

15 minute setup

Get online and in-game in 15 minutes or less

Launch your Quake Arena III server today.